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Syringe - Shoot The Party (Prod. Blank Body)
Jose Luis : #FindSyringe Chase Cauthen (aka Syringe) has been missing since June 2nd. Last location he was near was in Commerce City, Denver. Call 860-338-9175 or 845-800-6015 if you have any info about Syringe's Whereabouts
Romxn 地下 : My favorite song of all time.
Federica Marinelli : Who here on 2020?
fayumic : 50k till 500k pretty nice
Vï : Listening to this in 2020 is way more fucking better
AlaCaPro3321 : o memories!!!!
Kyuzi : i swear this had 100k not too long ago... this needs a milli tho
vestige : I miss the summer of 2016
Luis Ortiz : 2:43 “EEAAAH-“

Phlebotomy: Syringe Draw Procedure | Blood Collection (Rx-TN)

CC BY by Rx-TN. (RX Tennessee) Blood Collection Tutorial
Supplier:(Taiwan) SUNSOARS Company Limited
Factories are located at Wenzhou city and Fuzhou city in China.

We are leading manufacturer and supplier of Blood Collection Tube, Blood Collection Needle, Needle Holder and a complete Blood Collection Set.
SUNSAORS CG/B brand Blood Collection systems are popular used by doctors and professionals with confidence. Our domestic market share is 80% highly among Fujian province hospitals.

Product Video: Blood Collection Online Training Tutorial 004- Phlebotomy: Syringe Draw Procedure
Category: Blood Collection Tutorial
AllThvngsLovely R : So I know I wasn't the only one holding my breath while watching this lol
Julie Law : Gloves?
Flop Channel : Good work, and very smoothly
randomhumanbeing : I know things aren't nearly this calm in real life and it's a lot easier to watch, but I as a needlephobe have never been calmer watching blood be drawn than when I watched this. XD Great video!
racehorse racehorse. : You should also mention to keep the beveled opening of the needle facing upward
Vermellia Monrisson : this guy is the bob ross of medicine. his voice is so calm
H恵美子 : Make sure you guys drink LOTS of water. I learned the hard way, today. I had to have seven vials taken, and it took a long time. because my blood was too thick.
Raven Buchanan Barnes : I had to get my blood tested last week on Thursday and the docter called in and told me and my dad that I had low iron,
Pushpa Patharkar : thank you very useful... video
Allison Adams : with the flashback of blood tourniquet should be released and have patient unclench fist,that tourniquet on too long and gloves shudve been on before touching equipment hmmm jussayin

syringe - teach you to be lonely (prod. eurt apatea)

syringe -
eurt apatea -
Ana Carolina Oliveira : lyrics

i can teach you to be lonely, just watch me
Now baby girl come and skin me, oh so promptly
See you running from your demons, I'm not sorry
They hate my business and it must've been an auction
I can teach you to be lonely, just watch me
Now baby girl come and skin me, oh so promptly
See you runnin from your demons, I'm not sorry
They hate my business and it must've been an auction

I could die at any time, pray for death on me
I just wanna eat your soul, so I can light the weed
I know you're doing better now, we can clearly see
I can see a trash can, come and piss in me
[?] , picking pennies up
I went over late to everyone so I get double cups
She said I was interesting I told her we should buckle up
Told me don't go running round and give a thing I got to fuck
Trying to find my tumblr, but I deleted it
Smacked her in the morning, she said she hate my dick
I don't even care now, I know I ain't shit
Turning on the sociopath, I learned to love it

I could flex a bunch of cash, but what that mean to me?
I could fuck a bunch a fellas, but what that feel to me?
Pretty don't me shit to me, unless she were like me
Everything about me, everything about me
Tell me that I ain't shit, I can agree with this
Double up what I put in, but you already win
Cut my fucking dick off, and place it on your chin
Make that shit a souvenir, like yeah I hate Syringe
white white : i could die at anytime, PRAY 4 DEATH ON ME
Wovej : On repeat forever
punk420 : that synth is awfully reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never's score for Uncut Gems
Monkey Juice : why is all the music i listen to made in like 2013-2017
earthboundTV 我ラーン你 : SHE SAID SHE HATE MY DICK
Ewangeliusz : So relatable
Doxazo- : i remeber i had all the friends in the world , got arrested moved to a whole new area and was so pissed i self isolated and watched anime lmao well now those days are over but for those few years this song gave me chills and still does
Daze Edits : 2020 still bumping
prolific : Ngl new Sybyr ain’t got nothing on Syringe




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