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"Horrible" Gruel Recipe?

Today's recipe is called "Barley Gruel" and it comes from The Cooks and Confectioners Dictionary by John Nott written in 1724. While this recipe sounds bad, you might be surprised at the final taste test. Enjoy!

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John Matzen : where the heck is he getting lemon zest in 1720?
M0LT3N_C00K13S : .

Janet N. : Ivy's expression in the thumbnail cracked me up! This looks really interesting. I have barley in my pantry right now. Hmmm....
Moody Dude : Oooh I like gruel
Marie Lawson : That seems more like a barley custard... not the horrifying stuff of literature for sure!
EastGhost : tastes like 18th century froot loops, just made it, it is delicious.
Annika Ong : i wish i could make it
Maggie E : Wow, I bet this is pretty good!
trkoby : Barley is the most criminally underrated, under-used grain.
niva zero : where is the girl from the thumbnail?

Gruel Intro Video

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Lenny : IMOGEN???
Bailey : God I hate emails. I will do anything to avoid emails, except cook real food. Thanks for this horrible and easy solution to this problem
es mentiras : if michael is marketing it,, i might take the offer
distortion sponsored gruel(tm)
Rina Haimson : holy shit is that Michael Distortion!!!!
Apollo Cedomir : i love all the comments ""MIChAEL IS THAT YOUUUU""
robin : horrifically funny, both frightened and a little bit hungry for Gruel
MIDAS : He looks like a zombie.
Skyrilla : Yeah, consume more, buy more product! Be a cog! Come on then, don't you want to be a part of it all?

Fuck off with this.

Slaves were fed gruel and they were hardy as fuck.
max : i think i will be utilising gruel
Venetia Astrop : I am....very scared

Gruel recipe for kids

Find out how to make Victorian gruel with The Artful Dickens Co!
Alejandro Padilla : Wholesome video ❤️
The King Of Nooks : Please sir, can I have some more?
Skyrilla : I just add water to oats and microwave it and add a spoon of peanutbutter, molasses (or Marmite) and some honey... that's my gruel and it keeps me going.
Ghastly_Grinner : so its just really really thin oatmeal
film79 : So it's just watery oatmeal?
SladderBux : I had this as a kid back in the 80's, It's a poor mans dish, but mom would also add chopped onions, ground beef and salt and pepper with a bit of butter. It's just an oatmeal based soup, but on a cold day, it's delicious, and comforting. Add some toast for dipping =)
Erik Anderson : I would literally only make this ironically. But good video.
Sarah RedFox : Did they really used to eat it plain like that? Oh my! Cute video ☺️
RarityMoon : I thought it was just left overs mixed together
dustyshop90 : why would you make gruel for your kids? Are they Olvier Twist?




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