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Security Lending or Stock Loan - Video 6

Stock Loan or Security Lending Business helps in generating additional income from securities which are lying idle in account by Lending those to other parties in need of those securities. This video provides insight into Stock Loan Business, Collateral and Collateral Calculation, MTM, impact of Corporate Action on Stock Loan Trades and Bilateral and Triparty Collaterals
Venkat Raman : thank u and well explained
Prashanth Sharma : Please upload more videos
Ratna Rajashekar : Very well xplained
Muraleedharan Choliyampadath : Well explained, thank you
Tushar Fasate : Excellent
Pradeep prajapati : You guys are doing remarkable jobs.. Making videos in a simple, precise, and easy to understand way.
I would request you to make video on corporate action and if possible on prime brokerage too.
Just one suggestion, please speak bit louder .
Much appreciated your efforts!!
KOTTISA GANESH : Thanks so much this is good explanation
Leela Vinodh : Thanks you for explained a new topic which I not heard earlier. Can you explain about how stock will get impact after corporate action happened.
Vinay Sharma : excellent videos... very good work.
guru madhu sudhan reddy : Can plz do vedios on Settlement s

Securities Lending Explained

Roy Zimmerhansl : The best basic explanation of securities lending that I have ever come across. It is deservingly award-winning. Congratulations. Have added it to my playlists!
Barbara Luis : I came across some nice comments about him here on YouTube and I gave it a shot! I didn't believe in bitcoin before but now I can't believe I made up to $3100 worth of Bitcoin in just 12 days and half with the help of Andrew Feldstein
El Empresario : what would you recommend, for a passive investor, lend securities or not?

Banks are Buying Bonds Instead of Lending

In tonight's update, we'll review my views on inflation, discuss why QE is deflationary until its inflationary and try to predict where the CPI is heading. Plus we'll look at the M2 Money Supply and the weekly lending data from the Fed's H.8 to see if the lending data is indicating yields will head higher or lower in the future. We'll close with a look at the technicals of a few charts.

#DollarBullish #BondBullish #GoldBearish

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Watermark Artwork by Jasmine Miller Twitter: @jazcreative

The content of this video is provided as educational information only and is not intended to provide investment or other advice. This material is not to be construed as a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any security, financial product, instrument, or to participate in any particular trading strategy.

This video was prepared by Steven Van Metre in my own personal capacity. The opinions expressed in this video are my own and do not reflect the view of Atlas Financial Advisors, Inc. or Steven Van Metre Financial.
Ron : Audio check, check one two!
Marco Kraemer : Which Software do you use to analyse charts?
Tristan Hurley : Steve, what eventually happens when people no longer want to borrow no matter what the interest rates are? and what will a world moving towards a non debt based economy look like?
Josh Morrow : Banks are trying to lend to the elite customer but we're not interested in debt. Bank of America calls me all the time about lending I laugh and tell them I don't do debt. Lending will become a problem as people looking for loans will have low quality credit.
USASPORTSCARDS : I’m an investment banker that advises financial institutions. I can verify all of the info in this video. In fact, I’ve led these bank bond issuances and have sold the majority of them to other banks.
patty sizer : I am interested in the topic, but the sound is bad.
Robo Jacko : I thought buying bonds and lending is the same thing.
Fake Money : People still think quantitative easing is printing free money!
Fake Money : You are the man! I appreciate you sharing your brain with us! I know you will be charging for your content soon, please don’t forget, I am your #1 fan!
No Hope Equals no fear : The average home costs $304k

Thats insane.




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